Beast Stats


Yakura ("ya-koo-rah")


The Great White Frost Beast, The Cold One, The Chiller, The Unforgiving




110 meters


70, 000 tons



Beast Rank


"A snowstorm will not relent because you happen to be caught in the middle of it. Likewise, I will not relent if I have to fight you."

— Yakura

Yakura is the Ice Beast of Onada, and is notably an unforgiving Beast. 


Yakura vaguely resembles a hybrid between a polar bear brought to its hind legs and a saber-toothed tiger. She is an averagely-built Beast. Her four-fingered hands and three-toed feet are padded. Her retractable claws and spikes have a silver coloring, and her eyes are a bright cyan blue - their vibrant color makes them appear as though they are glowing. Jutting from her lower jaw are two pairs of short, curved tusks, which vaguely resemble a mammoth's. Her canine teeth are long, but do not reach very far beyond her chin. While she does have scales, her back and the top of her limbs are covered in white fur. Protecting her back are several series of crooked, icicle-like formations, whose main role is to reflect sunlight and heat. Her spines are very irregular, both in shape and location. Her body is colored a starching white, which allows her to blend excellently in the snowy environments which she calls home.


Yakura is a slow and graceful mover - she is slow, but horrifyingly precise. Unrelenting, unforgiving, stern, she stays focused on her task when fighting at all times. Due to the way she shows little reaction to both her enemies and allies, she comes off as a very distant Beast. However, she simply does not express herself outwardly very often.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Above all, Yakura, as the Frost Beast of Onada, is able to control the element of frost. She is at home in cold environments. She can freeze objects, living or not, induce severe frostbite, create and shape ice freely, freezing water and moisture, increase the density of ice (or lowering it), imprisoning foes in ice, and even make ice puddles more slippery. She is especially dangerous to meet during rain, blizzard or hail.


Yakura is not only at home in cold environments, but also wherever there is water. At the base, she is a waterbender - she merely likes using ice, simply frozen water, more than water itself. Special organs containing water line the sides of her belly, to leave her some water when there is little to use when she needs it, such as when she finds herself in a desert or other dry environments. Similarly, she possesses special "veins" along her muscles which she can fill with water to strengthen them.

She can manipulate water - this does not only extend to ice, but also to steam, water vapour, and she can change them from one state to another. This is especially useful if her water is evaporated by a heat-based attack, as she can regain it before it elevates too high in the atmosphere. However, if she does not manage to, she is always able to absorb water from her opponents, or pull it from deep underground. 

Yakura is an adept swimmer, despite not possessing fins or webbed paws. She can survive at crushing depths, thanks to her body being very dense.

Cold Defense: From afar, Yakura's fur appears smooth and gives off a crystalline shine. However, tufts of fur are formed into small spikes by ice. This helps her in melee combat, but also helps to fend off heat to a little extent. Once this layer of ice is broken or melted, she will have to reform it. Her blood consists of liquid nitrogen and her body alone gives off a cold aura, slowing opponents down when they come too close. This aura effectively slows down molecules, which also cools down heat, but she does not always manage to cool down heat-based attack to render them harmless to her in time. Her crystallic back spikes are able to reflect heat - mostly from the sun - but they can be overwhelmed by attacks that are hot enough.
Physical Weaponry: Yakura possesses extendable claws and sharp tusks, along with her back being dotted with crystallic spikes. They are capable of carving through ice. Her body is very dense, which allows her to withstand crushing, but mostly to prevent her from being bent and broken as she swims in deep water. The pads on her paws are very hard to pierce through, and act somewhat like snow shoes, with small dermal bumps to allow her to walk on ice.
Telepathy: The Frost Beast can communicate with other monsters using telepathy. Similarly, she has a form of "hydrokinetic sense" that allows her to sense water.