Beast Stats


Tundroth ("toon-droff")


The Monolith, The Glacier, Mr Fluffles, Mr Tusko




140 meters


230, 000 tons



Beast Rank


Tundroth is a huge, mammoth-like Beast that roams the tundras of northern Canada.


Trunk: Tundroth's trunk can extend to nearly twice its length. He can lift heavy monsters with his snouth alone, and apply immense crushing pressure with it - enough to crush some Beasts like tin cans.

The Bestial mammoth's tusks are feared weapons, able to bend and stab through tough materials without breaking.

Power: Tundroth is a walking mountain of a Beast. He is an extremely strong Beast, able to flip smaller monsters with his tusks or snout, shatter bones under his paws, charge like a giant freight train, and create earthquakes with little effort. His trunk can lift up to 200, 000 tons, whereas the limit to what he can support in total is 600, 000 tons.
Resilience: Tundroth's thick fur protects him from cold-based attacks and the cold itself. He is practically immune to it. His hide is resilient enough to prevent piercing hits from digging too far, but he can otherwise be harmed with some decent effort. 


Tundroth was a towering, moving mountain of a Beast. The ground quaked under his footsteps - his sheer size alone discouraged most smaller monsters from engaging him in combat. Many smaller Beasts had tried to topple him, but their efforts were always in vain, as they were left broken and in shambles before they could land a second hit. Unless provoked, Tundroth would keep to himself - all he wanted to do was be in peace. The Dragon Repelling Force saw him as an ally, as he would effectively crush aliens and rogue Beasts, but still listed him as a neutral Beast due to his will to remain alone, as proven by how he would threaten heroic Beasts when they came too close to him or weren't cautious. He would still team up with them when needed and even act friendly towards them after fighting at their side. For the few who did befriend him, he was one of the most powerful assets one could hope for. He generally made short work of his opponents, but had distinct trouble against enemies who used long-ranged combat to attack him.