Beast Stats


Orkan ("ore-can")


The Watcher of Winds, The Gale Master, Tornado Blankie




Its body itself is about 60 meters high, but when covered in its tornado and flying, it becomes about 110 meters long


50, 000 tons



Beast Rank


Orkan is the Wind Beast of Onada.


Orkan is a strange being. It is entirely devoid of legs, instead moving around by floating. Its body is almost constantly surrounded in a thick gust of wind that protects it. Its upper body is relatively humanoid. It has a thick neck, broad shoulders and large hands tipped with massive claws consisting of pieces of rocks and metals; these are broken into segments to allow movement. Similarly to how Orkan stays in the air, the claws' pieces are kept up by Orkan's manipulation of air. Orkan has only one eye - it is very bright and glowing, in the tints of red and orange. What Orkan resembles under its wind covering is unknown even by its closest allies - all that is known about it is that it has a grey body and bleeds silver blood. Orkan is incapable of producing any sound in and on itself. Instead, it will blow wind to express itself (for example, making a loud rumble when angered). Orkan can communicate with its fellow Beasts with telepathy, but not with words; it instead communicates by sharing ideas directly.


Haunting, terrifying, mysterious, Orkan, much like wind itself, is beautiful in its own way. It lacks a real personality, as it simply battles what it must and does not communicate with other monsters like it is usually done. In battle, it uses whatever strategy works for it, be it fighting with elaborate tactics or using sheer force.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


The air Beast can freely manipulate air and wind. With it around, a gentle breeze can easily be turned into a raging tornado if it so wills it. The entire atmosphere is Orkan's playground and home. This gives it a wide variety of attacks and passive abilities.

In place of lungs, Orkan absorbs oxygen directly from the air to sustain itself. 

Gust Shell: Orkan's body is surrounded in a thick mass of swirling wind. This protects it from attacks, but only to an extent. If an attack does not connect with enough force to bypass the whirlwind, it will fail to do damage. Physical combatants are pushed away by the wind and projectiles are absorbed before being thrown away. Lasers and plasma are able to bypass the barrier.
Flight: As an air-based Beast, it is only natural for the Gale Master to be able to fly. Normally able to fly at Mach 2, it can reach speeds of Mach 5 by reducing air resistance and pressurizing air to fly faster.
Physical Combat:

Typically, only the strongest monsters can face Orkan in melee combat. Not only does its wind barrier forces them to hit harder for their strikes to connect, it prefers keeping a distance between its opponents and itself, and will push them away with gusts of wind.

Orkan can still fight physically, using its large claws and pressurizing air to enhance its melee attacks.

Telepathy: The Gale Master is able to communicate with others via telepathy. It communicates by sharing ideas directly rather than wording them.