Norke Kuruk (more commonly known as "Nor'Kuruk") was the member of the Order of the Beast Blood associated with Noataq.

Description Edit

Norke was, from head to toe, dressed in a mix of armor, fur and cloth. Simply put, he was dressed to survive in the cold, but also to survive in combat. His outfit was somewhat tribal-looking, with a collar of fur and feathers hung to his neck over an armored breastplate, as well as other feathers and fur on his arms, below his shoulders. Norke's mask was topped with curved, icy antlers, not unlike Noataq's. His outfit mostly featured white and blue colors.

Personality Edit

Nor'Kuruk was noble and fatherly. Recognized as a wise waterbender, a skilled fisherman and swordsman, he did not think of the feathers and fur attached to his outfit as trophies, but rather as idols. He loved and respected the creatures he met, and after their death, felt the need to remember - and to have others remember - about the mighty animals.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Nor's weapons of choice were a fishing harpoon he kept attached to his back, and a pair of curved swords which he often used with his waterbending to create curving water blasts to strike foes with. He was very tactical and precise, and his aiming with his harpoon was excellent.