Beast Stats


Noataq ("no-ah-tawk")


Kassuq, Big Lug of Ice




130 meters


120, 000 tons



Beast Rank


Noataq was a power hydrokinetic Beast, and Yakura's predecessor.

Powers and Abilities Edit


Noataq was, first and foremost, a hydrokinetic Beast. As such, he was capable of controlling water in all of its various forms, lending him a very wide variety of abilities. He had such a mastery over waterbending that it was next to impossible for even other aquakinetic Beasts to gain control over the water he had already grasped with his mind. Noat was notably fond of creating water tentacles around his arms and performing strong, fast attacks, the force of which being tremendous.

Formless Like Water:

Noataq was very difficult to hit - his seemingly effortless fighting style revolved around being fluid as water, letting his defense become his offense by turning his opponents' own forces against them, and adding his own force to it. It has been said that fighting against Noataq was very much like slipping while to run on ice.

Swift as a Coursing River:

The waterbending master was very swift, with his movements flowing from one another flawlessly - this allowed him to adjust to and dodge attacks relatively easily. Beyond this swiftness, he was also decently fast, capable of sprinting rapidly for short distances.

Strength of a Great Typhoon:

Noataq was the strongest of the old Beasts and one of the strongest who ever lived. He could lift 360, 000 tons, and, depending on his stance, could lift creatures twice his weight with a single arm. Despite this strength, Noa's fighting style preferred to push enemies away from him, but in close range, he could easily devastate them or apply more force to throw his enemies off-balance: for example, he could punch a monster that was already skidding to send them flying head-over-heels. Noat would not enter physical combat often, but when angered, he would use his strength to dramatic effects on his opponents. Capable of destroying entire city blocks with mere stomps, he could floor foes with a single hit easily.

Force of a Raging Fire:

When angered, Noataq's already considerable strength and abilities were increased, turning him into an even more dangerous foe. Merely focusing on the thought of annihilating the enemy who angered him, Noataq would omit his habit of never using his waterbending abilities to move blood and switch to a move offensive fighting style to crush his foes. During this rage, water sources around Noataq would begin to shake, and if he found himself on ice, it would begin to crack, though it would still support him.

Mysterious as the Dark Side of the Moon:

The walking iceberg had been taught that the moons could influence his water powers. By watching the moons affect the tides, Noataq gained an affinity with them - his powers were stronger when the moon was in view. Since Colossus had three moons, enemies would avoid fighting Noataq altogether during nighttime.


One of the major traits of Noataq's fighting style is that it dealt with the flow of energy - spiritual energy or the physical one he used to actually fight, which was also the one he redirected at his foes. Using his Beast Blood to empower himself, which in turn was powered by his extraordinary bond with water, Noataq would move his or his allies' energies and her their wounds using spiritually -empowered water, which he would let flow on the injuries.


Noataq's dense muscles served as a form of armor, allowing him to survive powerful hits.


  • Noataq's name comes from the Inuit "Noatak," which means "the river that provides." His other names, during creation, were "Tonraq," "Nunataq" and "Unalaq," and meant "spirit," "mountain peak" and "west wind" respectively. His "Kassuq" nickname means "a drifting lump of ice," used as an affectionate nickname.