Dr Michiru Yamane
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Michiru Yamane


Mich, Doctor Yammy, Yams, The Bestiologist, Featherface, The Red Lightning




100 meters


70, 000 tons



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The Doctor Michiru Yamane was the woman who had injected herself with Beast Blood, thus becoming a Beast herself. She could switch between her Beast and human form at will with the help of a simple mental trigger. Beast Blood lent her telekinesis and telepathy.


Michiru is a gentle person, if not reserved. She is usually a quiet person and prefers to be alone, as large amounts of people unease her. She absolutely loves to make funny, witty and sarcastic remarks, but she never means to be rude or offensive unless the one who is getting the remark is actually someone she does not like. She is an extremely intelligent person, and, as a doctor, knows quite a bit about medicine - she openly enjoys helping others, be it treating their wounds, illnesses, or others. In battle, she can be surprisingly violent and brutal, ready to use whatever means it takes to end battles.

Beasts Associated WithEdit

Gadon is the first Beast that the doctor has befriended. The two are good friends. They have a mutual respect, as well as always being there when one needs help. However, Kitamura is the actual Beast which Mich feels the closest to. She sees in the Guardian a mother, who in turn sees her as an adoptive daughter. Whenever she is in her Beast form, the doctor is likely to be hanging around the mamma bear.


Telekinesis: Michiru was a powerful user of telekinesis, as she could, with her mind alone, move objects. By manipulating atoms, she could achieve a wide array of tasks. She could, amongst others, cause combustions, fling objects like ragdolls, deliver powerful hits and form shields.

Because she could protect herself perfectly well with her telekinesis, Michiru did not follow any form of combat training. As a Beast, she could still perform decent physical feats. Her claws, beak and fangs, coated in Mehrksis alloy, were deadly weapons, able to render flesh and metal with a degree of difficulty.

Twin Javelins:

The javelin-like weapons kept into the top of Dr Yamane's wings could be shot with near blurring speed, but not before they were infused with devastating electricity. They would generate a shockwave upon impact, which was enough to rattle the area around which they struck.

Raging Storm: In the middle of Michiru's chest was an orb containing swirling power. It was the core that generated the lightning bolts that were randomly expelled from her body. It could not be harmed, as a psionic shield was kept around it at all times, unless the attacker had powerful telekinesis of their own to disperse it. The lightning bolts themselves could be controlled by her telekinesis and caused severe burns, as well as painful muscle spasms.
Feathery Spears: While they were light enough to allow flight, the doctor's feathers were pretty sharp and could be used as weapons. The feathers could resist blunt force, but did not really resist slashing attacks.
Scorching Light: All three of Mich's maws could shoot a blinding white beam, which was used to scorch opponents. It was notably highly explosive, and packed a decent knockback force.
Flamethrower: Instead of firing beams, the monstrous maws could fire streams of flame.
Barbed Whips: The whip-like appendages sprouting from the human-Beast's lower back were effective weapons, hitting with near blurring speed. Their spiked edges delivered additional injury.
Overpower: By supercharging her core, Michiru could cause an outburst of power. A large amount of this power would split into thousands of tiny needles, which pierced through opponent's bodies like termites.
Sturdy Build: Michiru was actually not as frail as she seemed; her bones were coated with Mehrksis alloy, which gave her hits a hard edge and helped her tanking brutal hits better.
Flight: The monstrous avian could reach speeds of Mach 3 while airborne.
Heightened Senses: Michiru's senses were very sharp, and she could use her telekinesis as a form of echolocation system to detect enemies. The milky white eye that adorned her face was not blind, but instead cybernetic - she could zoom in on foes and objects, and switch to a thermal vision.
Heat/Electricity Resistance:

Michiru could resist heat-based attacks and thunder-based ones, due to how they were both her elements, similarly to Halion One.