Muhrrksurrs by omegabearbeast-d807m1t
The Mehrksis are a race of metallic, multiple-armed creatures native to Colossus.


Mehrksis are hulking brutes, but are actually peaceful creatures unless provoked. They care a lot about their environment. Though they mostly dwell underground, a small portion of Mehrksis lives outside of caverns. However, they still prefer remote areas, and will often choose to live on mountain ranges, frozen wastelands or harsh deserts. The most common color of Mehrksis is a dark, greyish blue. The typical Mehrksis will have brown plates, a silver-colored belly and blue eyes. Mehrksis all bleed light blue blood, which seems to have some luminescent properties. They have a long lifespan, excellent resistance to disease and are generally extremely tough creatures physically.

The average Mehrksis is 20 feet tall (roughly six meters) and weighs 60 tons. They have no trouble lumbering their bulk around, as they are phenomenally strong beasts. Their back is covered in metallic scutes, which they are capable of raising. A portion of the minerals and metal they absorb is used to coat their bones and body with a small protective layer that becomes progressively tougher, making Mehrksis become effectively tougher as they grow older. Their offsprings are, for this reason, much more vulnerable. Mehrksis parents will often choose to carry their young in one of their pairs of arms and use the other for their daily tasks. Both fathers and mothers are extremely protective of their young. Mehrksis do not reproduce often and rarely lay more than one egg at a time, making their number much smaller than Gydranics.

A single Mehrksis can easily overwhelm and overpower a large group of enemies. They are brutal and powerful fighters, using their four arms to pound foes, their toughness to resist blows and shoulder appendages to strangle or slash their foes. Outside of combat, they use these numerous limbs to accomplish daily tasks with more ease. Indeed, Mehrksis have incredibly well-developed brains that allow them to multitask perfectly well.

Mehrksis can communicate with a form of telepathy using their horn, but can talk verbally. Their voice has a distinct flanging effect, which may be due to their metallic bodies.

Mehrksis are famously known to excel at mechanics. They build mechs to use as guardians, such as Halion One. They also have a number of bots that help them, such as medical, construction or repair bots.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Strength: Mehrksis are phenomenally strong creatures. They can lift up to three times their own weight, for a total of 180 tons. It is very much possible for them to floor creatures as large or slightly bigger than them with a single swipe.
Natural Weaponry: Mehrksis possess several rows of razor-sharp teeth and large claws. Their jaws and fangs can break rock and metal, which the creatures feed on. They have shoulder appendages resembling tentacles, which they can use to slash and hack enemies, or constrict them. Backed up by their strength, these are fearsome weapons.

The Mehrksis' backs are covered in sharp, pangolin-like scutes. They can raise these plates at will, and the raised plates should not be approached under any case, as they will leave gouges to careless foes.

It is a commonly known fact that Mehrksis become tougher as they grow older. This is because they use a portion of the amount of minerals they eat to coat their bones and body with a small, yet resistant layer of protection. Because of this, older Mehrksis can be very hard to kill, whereas baby Mehrksis are more vulnerable. For this reason, Mehrksis parents are extremely protective, and will carry their young with them at all times.