Beast Stats


Matsumura ("mat-tsoo-moo-rah")


The Brutal Teddybear, The Brutal Behemoth, The Big Bear




125 meters


90, 000 tons



Beast Rank


Matsumura, better known as "Masser", is Kitamura 's daughter and sister of Bergunth.


Masser resembles a lot her mother - a large, bear-like creature, but is notably more spiked and possesses a different armor plating design. More prominently, she has long spikes sprouting from beneath her shoulder's plating, her armor is dotted with studs, and possesses knuckle spikes. Interestingly, Masser has white fur lining her back's armor plates and her eyes are pink, as opposed to her mother and brother's apple green.



Although a fierce and brutal fighter, Masser will avoid fighting unless provoked. She will usually warn offenders with growls, but has proven that provoking her is, just like angering her mother is, an incredibly bad idea. While her fighting style is noticeably more brutal than Bergunth's or Kitamura's, Masser does know a few complex combat moves which her mother has shown her. Masser absolutely loves to eat and will most of the time be doing just that. She does not appreciate to be disturbed while feasting nor when she is snoozing, the latter which seems to have been inherited from her parent. While she may be judged as dumb at first, she is actually a highly intelligent kaiju. She does act protective towards her friends, but not as much as Kit. In combat, Masser is relentless, as she will keep coming until her opponent is either dead or retreating - she will often leave her foes broken, though. She uses her immense strength to overpower and overwhelm her opponents.


Red Power Manipulation:

Masser can use red power to fight and manipulate it at will. She can infuse her limbs or objects with this power, which effectively enhances her physical combat moves. A few notable attacks include:

  • The Concussive Blast: A blast spat from her maw that releases a powerful concussive force, hitting enemies like a freight train. It is strong enough to shatter rock.
  • The Blitz Bombs: Masser can throw red bombs which, when detonating, will divide into smaller, more numerous bombs. The explosions will thus cover more and more ground until the assault stops completely.
  • The Wave Emission: The Brutal Beast will cause earthquakes by either striking the ground with red waves or pound it with her fists so hard that it will create huge tremors. Since the waves generated by the first method are sent in all directions, even monsters in the air will be affected. Fissures will be created in the ground, and foes will stumble off their feet - perhaps falling into the fissures.
  • The Charged Punch: After charging her fist with red power, Masser can unleash very powerful punches. The power will be released into a pillar or travel across a foe's body, effectively sending them flying.
  • The Bullet Strikes: Manipulating her red power, Masser can create bullets, boomerangs, spikes or orbs which she will fire at an opponent.
  • The Knuckle Slicers: Masser's knuckle spikes appear to serve a different role than simply serving as offensive protection, as they are also power generators of sorts. They can discharge red beams that leave smoldering gashes. They will always be fired in unison, hence either attacking in batches of three or six.

Metallic Gauntlet:

Unfortunately, Masser had an accident to the hand when she was younger. Her entire paw, starting from the wrist, was blown off in battle. However, instead of leaving a gory hunk of flesh, the Mehrksis installed a cybernetic hand. It can be shot like a rocket then reinstalled and possesses a strong, nigh-unescapable grip, allowing whatever is stuck in its grasp to be crushed like a tin can. Backed up by Masser's immense strength, punches delivered by the mechanical appendage are even more damaging, and made worse with steam-empowered punches.


As most Beasts do, Masser possesses deadly protection. There are three rows of spikes on her back - one of which is facing forward rather than backwards. Just below her shoulder plates sprout a series of spines that however allows her to move her arms around without hindering her movements, as they simply slide to the side when she moves. They will stick themselves into an opponent's body after being raised when Masser performs a shoulder slam. Her head spikes can be used for headbutting, the spikes at the tip of her tail can be used as slashing weapons, her hook-like knuckle spikes enhance her punching, and her claws and fangs can render tough materials with a degree of difficulty varying with the toughness of the material they render - although they were very strong. Some of these spikes look like studs. When rolling across the ground, her back spikes will help her gain a better grip, acting somewhat like the teeth of a chainsaw.


Masser's scales resemble a bit fur. While the scales bristle in the wind, they are surprisingly rough, allowing the brute to shred her foes' skin by scrubbing them against her "fur" and giving a nasty surprise to monsters who think that the "fur" is soft. Actual fur does sprout from the sides of the armor plates on her back, but this one is harmless.

Super Strength:

Masser has inherited her mother's immense strength, which allows her to toss monsters her own size or bigger like ragdolls. She can lift up to 360, 000 tons, which is four times her own weight. She can lumber her weight with relative ease, crush boulders in her grip, deliver bone-crushing bearhugs, destroy entire city blocks with powerful stomps, floor monsters with a single swipe of a paw and tear limbs off of her foes with little to no effort at all.

Super Toughness:

Also inherited from her mother is a nearly supernatural toughness that allows Masser to survive attacks that will normally instantly kill monsters. She will be still standing after being hit by a kaiju-proportioned truck, as her armor absorbs shock very well. Her hard muscles, which are tougher than metal, thick flesh, armor plating, a layer of small bones underneath her skin and her naturally resistant bones compose such toughness. Her toughness also prevents her from breaking her own limbs when striking something hard. Interestingly, Masser has shown that she is able to shut down her pain receptors, preventing pain - which she feels dully already because of her broad build - from slowing her down when needed. Like her mother, she can also lock her articulations in place, which helps her when attacked by a bigger, stronger monster.


After her accident to the hand, Masser's body has adapted to prevent incidents like this to happen in the future. Her natural regeneration is greatly improved by her Beast Blood, allowing her to regrow torn limbs in a few minutes - sometimes even as quick as under 30 seconds. She can even tear off her own limbs, after shutting down her pain receptors, and use them as weapons. An even more extreme act she can do is, when food is nowhere to be found, consume them. Having little grasp over morals, this does not bother her at all. Her Beast Blood, naturally mass-produced, is responsible for her regeneration and regrowth.
Armor: Masser's whole back, underbelly, shoulders, shins, feet, hands, forearms and head is covered in studded armor. While not as tough as her mother's, Masser's armor is still very resistant. It is virtually immune to slashing and piercing blows and can withstand blunt ones to a degree, because of its ability of absorbing shock well, but with relatively less ease than with slicing hits. The edges of the armor plates are pretty sharp, giving her physical hits a hard edge and discouraging enemies from attacking armored parts from up-close.