Korraz Th'auma is the mute protector of C'Krusis, who has a great dislike of violence.

Description Edit

Korraz is the most physically impressive of the Order of the Beast Blood, but also the least violence-inclined, and this reflects itself in her outfit - she carries no weapons whatsoever on her person. She merely wears a cloak and mask like the rest of the OBB members. Her mask is unique in a way that it is made of metallic plates kept together with magnetism; they follow the movements of her face, allowing her to express herself with facial expressions without removing her mask. Her cloak has patterns resembling electronic circuits on it and is colored black, grey and blue. Korraz's hands are wrapped in gauntlets not unlike Gaiyan's, but hers look more mechanical. She can move her wrists and fingers perfectly fluidly, so that she can still communicate without sacrificing protection. Her mask is colored a dark, metallic grey, which almost looks black. Despite their dark coloring and plates' shadows, these armor plates always seem to reflect light in an exaggerated manner, so that Thauma's fingers are always easy to distinguish. Korraz's eyes are yellow.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about Korraz other than she dislikes violence. When disputes happen, Korraz will be the one to quell them. She is entirely mute and expresses herself through gestures and sign language, or through crude drawings and writings if she has something to write on. She has a fascination with technology, and though she is often mistaken for a dumb brute, she is actually very intelligent and especially crafty with her electric powers. She also enjoys sipping tea.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As the member who is affiliated with C’Krusis, Korraz Th’auma has access to electrokinesis. However, she uses it very rarely, and often for mundane tasks such as bringing certain objects towards her with magnetism. She can calm down violent beings by paralyzing them, either by controlling the electricity in the nervous system or by locking their muscles in place with a discharge – for robots, she can flat-out overload their circuits to neutralize them.

Korraz is incredibly strong, notably able to carry the rest of the OBB members like stuffed toys.