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The Stone Fist, The Earthshaker, The Stonecrusher, The Stone Hammer




90 meters


80, 000 tons



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Korr is the Earth Beast of Onada. He is notably an incredibly courageous monster.


Often compared to a living planet, Korr is nearly a living rock. While his "inner body" has organs and blood, his "outer body" or "shell" is entirely made of rock, and his "blood" consists of lava. He vaguely resembles a bulky humanoid. Korr has several pairs of eyes, which allow him to see in the dark. Korr is almost constantly slouching forward. His arms are long and end in large claws, and his tail is tipped with spikes which are made of crystal. In the middle of his chest, exposed pieces of a single crystal can be found, which encases the core - his heart - after which he is named.


Born of the earth, Korr uses the might of the earth to battle. He is very proud of his geokinetic abilities. He loves challenges, and as such, will choose to ignore significantly weaker opponents. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Korr is practically one with the earth. He "sees" through it, he is almost completely made of it, it sustains him, and he battles with it. He has the ability to bend the earth to his every whim, a power which he is very proud of. He can specifically control "earthen" elements; minerals and metals. It gives him a wide variety of attacks, including:

  • Compressing, shaping and manipulating earthen elements. This ability notably allows him to repair metallic and rocky structures, sharpening them, or making them duller. As such, it is an extremely bad idea to bring metallic weapons against Korr, as he can easily render them much less potent, or even useless.
  • Borrowing very quickly by dispersing the air around him.
  • Causing avalanches, earthquakes and mudslides.
  • He can actually lift minerals off the ground. In addition, he can affect the magnetism of matter such as iron, nickel, cobalt, or other alloys.
  • Turning the ground into softer, more malleable versions, or instead hardening it.
  • Ability to create quicksand.
  • Creating sandstorms.
  • Petrifying opponents, turning them into solid blocks of stone. After this, he can shatter the stone apart - along with the enemy to finish them off. However, he prefers to use this ability locally, due to his love of challenges, as opposed to easily-won battles.
  • Forming weapons out of stone or metal, such as weapons, walls, pillars, etc.
  • Having the geokinetic mind with the farthest reach of all Beasts, Korr can perform moves others could not. He can lash out with is mind very far, allowing him to pull meteors towards whatever planet he is on. Because this requires immense concentration, he will do this very rarely - perhaps simply to finish off foes or when more powerful attacks are necessary.
Rocky Armor:

The living planet's body is covered in a jagged, thick shell of rock. Various minerals cover it to enhance its protection. It is not particularly hard to break or chip off the armor, but not exactly easy either. The first layer of minerals covering Korr's body disperses energy attacks so that they are not concentrated on a same spot, and thus cause less damage. Once this is taken off, energy attacks will harm him normally. The jagged edges of his armor - not the crystals - can be chipped off rather easily, but bigger surfaces such as the armor itself needs more effort to remove. It is generally not a good idea for those who have no protection against heat to completely break off his armor, as his molten blood will pour out. The rocky protection can withstand the heat of the blood, but if it is hit by something hotter, it will begin to melt. 

Korr's armor is his body itself. Ripping it off is similar to remove the muscles and flesh of a human, leaving only blood and organs.

Physical Weaponry: Korr's fangs and claws are made of mineral harder than industrial diamond - it is a mineral native to planet Colossus. Because of its hardness, it is next to impossible to shape these minerals - but Korr, being one with the earth, is perfectly able to. This also extends to the spines tipping his tail.
Seismic Sense: The Earthshaker has a very poor vision, but he possesses a special ability to help him "see". He can sense vibrations in the earth - is he even able to detect enemies that are in the air as well, provided they are not too high, by sensing the subtle vibrations caused by air rushing downwards. He can detect presences and locations with the utmost precision.
Geokinetic Aura: Korr can surround himself in a barrier of stones by raising them off the ground with his geokinesis and having them either float around him in a movable shield or by burying himself under a pile of protective boulders.