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Beast Stats


Kitamura ("keet-ah-moor-rah")


Big Mamma Bear, The Guardian, The Martial Master, The Fire Master, The Firebender




130 meters


120, 000 tons



Beast Rank


Kitamura, affectionately nicknamed "Big Mamma Bear" or simply referred to as "Kit," is one of the Beasts of Onada. She is a fire-based Beast and a master of martial arts.


Kitamura appears as a very bear-like monster. She is a massive and powerful Beast; bigger and  stronger than all the other Beasts of Onada. She is burly and spiky, covered in sharp armor plating. She is blue in color, with a darker armor, lighter belly, apple green eyes and yellowish orange spikes. Her fangs are colored ivory, which implies that her spikes may be made of a different material than bone. Kit can use her armor's sharp edges to her advantage, as shown by how her hands create natural "brass knuckles" when the plates raise as her fingers and toes clench. Her skin is thick, and her scales resemble fur; she can rub her enemies against her scales to shred their flesh. The spikes at the tip of her tail and on her back are larger than the rest that adorn her body.


Kitamura is very much alike to a bear. She is fierce and powerful, but motherly and protective. Harming her loved ones has proven time and time again to be an extremely bad idea - one that often costs lives. The spiky mamma bear has trained all her thousands of years of age in martial arts and has become a master of them; she is commonly seen mixing such moves with her natural weaponry, which makes her a nightmare to fight in the tooth and claw combat style. She possesses monstrous strength and toughness and uses them to overwhelm her opponents easily. She knows her strength, but is nowhere near as boastful about it - she is a humble and honorable creature, respecting power when she sees it and preferring not to care about significantly weaker monsters unless they provoke her. Despite her dangerous appearance, Kit is actually a softie. Underneath her armor, spikes and muscle is a heart of gold, in which loved ones and friends have the biggest place. She will do literally anything to keep them alive, even if it means putting her own life in great danger. She appears to be a very affectionate monster, commonly seen giving her loved ones hugs, without realizing that she often hugs too tight. She is the first to comfort them if they are down and nurse them to health if they are injured or ill. She will not fight unless provoked, which is often done by harming her loved ones, and will usually warn off enemies with growls. However, once angered, she will stop at nothing. Capable of rage and violence that strikes fear even in the hearts of her closest friends, absolutely no amount of pain or injuries will make her bow; she will not halt until her opponent is either dead or retreating. Beyond training, her favourite past-time is sleeping all day long, and she does not appreciate being woken up from her sometimes days-long naps.



Kitamura is not only a warm monster in personality - she is also literally. She can create and manipulate fire, including raising its intensity, conjuring firestorms, extinguishing or absorbing it, projecting and moving it. She can inflict severe burns and melt objects, including her enemies. She is also, as expected, completely immune to heat and flame. She is very fond of using her firebending skills in conjunction with martial arts moves - for example, a singel swipe of a paw causing a wave of flame to fly off in the direction of the strike, or a punch jabbing a fireball forward - flaming punches are among her favorites, and she will often immolate her fists during combat.

Just like the other Beasts of Onada, Big Momma Bear is said to be "one with her element." Much like fire, she can be warm as a candle or campfire, or as devastating, uncontrollable and raging as a fierce firestorm. 

This affinity also extends to thermal energy itself. The Martial Master can sense heat, which allows her, for one, to detect other monsters. She can also superheat the air and pull hot air pockets from the very depths of the Earth. She possesses an "internal furnace" which she can use to augment the temperature  of her body. At all times, her temperature is already much higher than the average monster's, but it is not harmful unless she heats it further. As she warms up, smoke will begin to pour from beneath her armor plates, mouth and nose. One of the spiky mamma's favorite things to do is warming up her allies by snuggling up to them.

Plated Brass Knuckles:

To allow more flexibility, Kitamura’s overlapping armor plates ruffle around their edges. It is both a mean of offense and defense, as the armor will form spikes when she closes her fingers, allowing her to use them as spiked brass knuckles. The same goes for her toes, along with the rest of her armor, whose plates will react the same way. Kitamura’s natural regeneration has the drawback of being slow. However, the mamma bear has found a way to heal her wounds faster through meditation. She can also speed up other monsters’ regeneration, but by channeling her own Beast Blood to heal their wounds.

Enhanced Healing:

Kitamura's natural regeneration has the drawback of being slow. However, the mamma bear has found a way to heal her wounds faster through deep meditation. She can also speed up other monsters' regeneration, but by channeling her own Beast Blood to heal their wounds.


The Guardian is covered, for the most part, in thick, durable armor. It is very good at absorbing impacts; she could get hit by the Beast equivalent of a truck and be still standing. She can ruffle up her armor plates at will, and some should know better than to approach the raised plates, as their sharp edges will leave gouges to careless ones. Trying to break through Kitamura’s armor plating without a powerful or proper weapon usually does little to no damage to it. It usually takes several hits for her armor to break. 

Spikes: Kit is a very spiky Beast; her back is dotted with large spikes, her rhino-like head spikes can be used to deliver skull-crushing headbutts, while the larger spikes at the tip of her tail can be used to slash opponents. Her scales somewhat resemble fur and are sharp enough to allow her to shred her foes by scrubbing them against her scales. She can also raise her scales under her feet and hands to add extra damage to her melee strikes, or keep herself standing on slippery ground or when attempts to push her are made.
Strength: Kitamura possesses immense strength, well able to lift monsters that weigh several times her own size with little to no effort. She can deliver bone-crushing bearhugs and floor monsters easily with a single swipe. Her monstrous strength allows her to move around quickly and easily despite her bulk. She can lift up to 360, 000 tons, which is three times her own weight. When angered, she may be able to lift more (all the way up to 400, 000 tons) due to adrenaline rushing.

While she is mostly known for her strength, Kit is also recognized to be very tough. Not only is she covered in armor, she is also muscular enough to allow her muscles themselves to serve as armor, as they are harder than metal. Her tough build makes her able to "tank" powerful hits, and she feels pain very dully, which is why she does not feel the numerous weapons still stuck in her body from past battles. Thick skin cover her muscles, but it is not as tough as them.

Martial Artist:

Kitamura is primarily a martial artist; she has trained her whole life in them and is a master of them. It is often said that she is an army all by herself. She has great knowledge of anatomy and weak points, including pressure points. She commonly mixes her natural weaponry and pyrokinesis with martial arts moves, effectively making fighting from up-close an extremely bad idea. There are very few monsters who can give her a challenge in tooth and claw combat, and combat against her typically does not last very long.

The Guardian commonly transfers a portion of her Chi/Ki as a martial artist in her movements, rendering them more potent with her inner energy. As a master of martial arts, her Ki has been tempered to a point where it is feared in and on itself, where it is outright deadly. However, she only uses it at its full power to finish off opponents.

Kitamura remains perfectly calm at all times in combat, never losing energy in unnecessary tensing – this is not only tied in with her training, but also plainly how she is personality-wise. Her movements are fluid and precise; they flow well with each other, allowing her to chain them easily. Although Kung Fu and Wing Chun are her main fighting styles, she sometimes switches to different styles and forms on a whim, making patterns in her fighting unpredictable.

Kit’s punches are fast, losing no power in winding up (although this is trivial when taking her immense strength in consideration). When punching, she may shift her weight into the strike, making them more devastating. Her punches are driven more by her elbows than anything else, allowing her to absorb rebounds quite well, thanks to this and her muscle. She can chain punches extremely fast, dealing tremendous internal and external damage to her opponents.

Kitamura uses kicks both offensively and defensively, the latter used to deflect incoming kicks. Her kicks are quite powerful, able to fold opponents in two when striking. In close range, the Mamma Bear will switch to strike with her knees. Like her punches, her kicks are devastating, but she will likely use them to weaken an opponent to chain another attack, or when additional strength is required.

The Martial Master always strikes the kidneys on opponents that are not mechanical, either with a kick or a punch. Although she can do this at any point in battle, she will typically use this as one of her first moves. It is one of her favored tactics, as it allows her to down en enemy much more quickly by hitting such a tender point.

It is next to impossible to dislodge her once she adopts a combat stance, but this is not only because of her toughness. She always assumes one she is comfortable with; one that allows her to react fast. Sometimes, she even does not adopt any particular stances, instead staying immobile, but still ready to act fast to fool her foes.

Kitamura chains attacks quite fast. Even if one of her tactics fails, which is extremely rare for a master of martial arts like her, she will be able to adjust faster than anticipated by her enemies.

Armor Lock:

Kitamura is capable of locking her articulations in place, which allows her to deliver firmer attacks and remain on her feet when hit by powerful attacks.

Telepathy: The Martial Master can communicate through telepathy. She holds a psychic link with her loved ones and friends, and will always know if they are in trouble or not, as well as their locations.
Double Armor Layer:

Interestingly, Kitamura’s throat is not armored like the rest of her underbelly. It reveals dark grey scales, which also cover the rest of her belly to back up in her armor crumbled. They are not particularly resistant, but it is difficult to stick a piercing weapon into them.


There is nothing that Kitamura fears except water. When she was little, she accidentally stumbled into deep water and would have drowned if Gadon did not help her out. However, she stayed traumatized and, since that time, suffers from an irrational fear of water. Her aquaphobia makes it so that she cannot even stare at a large body of water without become unnerved and having to look away. The simple thought of being submerged itself is enough to unease her, and she cannot swim at all. She appears to be fine around shallow water, but prefers to stay away from any body of water altogether. Only a few Beasts know about this.


  • If one looks closer, they can see that Kit has numerous weapons, such as sleeping darts, spears and bullets still stuck in her body, left over by numerous enemies who have tried in vain to take her down. She is aware of them, but does not pull them out, as she uses them as a warning sign to opponents. Commonly, they are hidden underneath her scales, as previous opponents believing that bypassing her scales would make it easier to truly harm her, but were wrong. Her cubs typically find a few when snuggling up to her, and are amazed by their mother’s power – for each weapon is a story, and they love to hear them.
  • Amidst the Gydranics, the symbol that represents Kitamura is a flaming paw.
  • Kit does not have to worry about smoke, as it is filtered out of her lungs and pours out from beneath her armor plates, nose and mouth. Even if she breathes it, she will suffer no damage.
  • The author has mentioned multiple times that she would like to hug her.