Isaarker, also known as "The Immortal" and "The Protector", is a member of the Order of the Beast Blood. He worships the Guardian Kitamura, to whom he is also entirely devoted and shares similar beliefs. He is famous for winning most battles without actually using any fighting moves, instead relying on dodging attacks until his attackers give up and turning their momentums against them.


Isaarker is a pale greyish. He wears a silver mask containing a portion of Kitamura's own Beast Blood, along with a cloak reaching his knees. This cloak, like most of the other members' own cloaks, is black, under which his spines and ridges fold. It is striped with blue markings, and a flaming paw representing Kitamura adorns his back. Isaarker is spiny, but these spines are shown to be flexible to some extent, allowing him to move freely without making them any less dangerous. Isaarker's eyes are purple.


Isaarker is a pacifist, but he is willing to employ violence if nothing else works to solve a threat. As such, he is a martial pacifist. He is famous for winning many battles without actively fighting, instead relying on dodging his opponents' attacks until they give up or turning their momentum against them. Isaarker himself is a disciplined and honorable being. Similarly to Kitamura, he does not tolerate seeing his friends being harmed. Isaarker is very polite, even towards foes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Beast Blood in Isaarker's mask, Zahrk, lends him the same powers as Kitamura: pyrokinesis and control over heat. In dire needs, he will use these fire powers, often merging them with his fighting moves. As such, Isaarker is completely immune to fire and heat itself. It also allows him to keep his body temperature warm in cold environments.

Isaarker speaks only telepathically, and holds a psychic link with Kitamura, as well as his fellow OBB members. He will know their location, as well as being fully aware of their state - if they are threatened or not.

Isaarker possesses supernaturally quick reflexes, allowing him to react at the right time when attacked. It proves most useful when dodging attacks; there have been accounts of him defeating enemies without actually turning around to face them. He hardly ever gets dizzy, being fully aware of his body's location in the air or on the ground.