Himmelen is the spiritual realm in which Beasts find themselves after death - a peace earned after 30, 000 years of servitude.


It is unknown when Himmelen came to be. There are theories that it was created by Colossus when it created the first Beast. It is situated in a different dimension only reachable by Beasts themselves. Arctus is the ruler of this heaven, and is the one who escorts dying Beasts to Himmelen. While it is a place for Beasts, Arctus is also capable of escorting non-Beasts to Himmelen.

Himmelen is a beautiful world. It is rich and vibrant, and much flora dot the landscape. Much like the Hall of the Beasts, statues of Beasts and their OBB member at their feet are found across the area. The landscape is rather mountainous, much like Colossus' landscape. 

Himmelen BeastsEdit

When fallen Beasts transcend to Himmelen, they are subject to empowering changes. They become taller and more powerful, and boast some color changes - their eyes and some of their physical traits turn golden and appear to glow gently. Their attacks may also have golden color schemes (for example, a fire Beast may manipulate golden fire, a stronger version of the fire it wielded in life). Himmelen Beasts gain the title "Himmelen" in front of their names - for example, a dead Gadon would become "Himmelen Gadon." Very rarely, Himmelen Beasts may be called from the afterlife to help.