Halion Two, also known as "Horunn", was the second unit of the Halion Team. He sported several notable differences setting him apart from Halion One, including different weaponry and appearance - instead of being a deep blue in color, Halion Two was instead light grey, with his main body coloring featuring green camouflage. His center right eye was turned into a monocle-like visor.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Gleipnir was the large hammer that Horunn wielded. It was constantly on his person - be it attached to his back or in his right hand. Gleipnir was designed in a way that it created shockwaves upon impact. Although three of the hammer's faces were blunt, the one opposing the front face had spikes sprouting from it, allowing Halion Two to deliver some piercing attacks. The spikes faced outwards towards the left, so that when swung with a backhanding move, the spikes can stab more easily.

Flamethrower: A simple flamethrower was installed at the back of Horunn's mouth, able to shoot either fireballs or gouts of flame.
Chain Whips: The second Halion unit possessed whips just like the first, but were made of barbed chains, as opposed to Halion One's flaming whips. When not in use, the whips were kept in a compartment installed in the sides of Horunn's legs.
All-Direction Multi-Purpose Missiles (ADMM): The cannons mounted on Horunn's shoulderblades were analogous to Halion One's own, with the difference that, instead of projecting auto-guided, red bombs, it fired special, flaming missiles that could be launched in every direction. The target was selected and locked on via Horunn's visor. These projectiles were not strong in and on themselves, but their number was what made them potent weapons. Alone, they were able to split flesh and flake off hard materials.
Electrokinesis: Horunn shared this trait with Halion One; he could control electricity, offering him a wide array of attacks and limited electromagnetic and gravity-based attacks.