Halion One is one of the Mehrksis' mechanical guardians.


Halion is a tall, vaguely anteater-like mech. He has six green eyes and large, forward-facing spikes, as well as large fangs. His armor is dark blue and is striped with dark grey, and has some minor silver highlights. It consists mostly of sharp ridges. He possesses large, clawed fingers, and his tail is tipped by a spiked club. He has three clawed toes and assorted weapons attached to his body; more prominently two cannons on his back.


Halion One's AI is stoic and silent. It shows regard towards its allies, but has no mercy for its targets. It is both suited for long-ranged and close-ranged combat. It is highly intelligent - using several different strategies when one does work.

Beast StatsEdit


Ixion is the name given to the electric weapon attached to Halion One's back. It is notably his favourite. It is a spiked mace, attached to a chain composed of lightning bolts. It leaves concussive blasts on what it hits and is mostly useful for crushing objects, while the spikes on the mace hack, hook and slash. The blue mecha can even hook enemies against the spikes and slam them on the ground. When sheathed, the mace folds by separating into plates so that it does not hinder the mechanical warrior's movements, and is kept within a specific compartment between his shoulder cannons. Ixion is constantly charged with electricity with the exception of when it is sheathed, preventing enemies to steal it.

Flamethrower: A simple flamethrower that is installed at the back of his throat.
Flare: The gladiator can overheat his fiery core and expel a wave of flames outwards.
Fire Whips:

Roughly 300 meters long each, these are whips made of flame, as their name implies. Their handles are installed on Halion's thighs. Similarly to Ixion, the whips' fire extinguish when stored.

Meteor Strike:

Shot from the large cannons mounted against Halion One's shoulder blades. These are a total of 32 red, auto-guided bomb-like projectiles made of alien energy. They explode on contact, with the explosion lingering for a moment, choking foes while the bombs do their work. They are very accurate, fast and useful for punching through tough materials, but there is a drawback; it takes time for the weapon to reload by automatically recreating bombs. However, the mechanical being can use only one cannon at a time and use the other while it reloads to make up for it.

Electromagnetic Launchers/Railway Spike Guns: Installed into the hands' knuckles are EMLs/RSGs, guns that use electromagnetism to fire incendiary rounds at a very high velocity. They have a rapid rate of fire and, as aforementioned, the spikes they fire are set ablaze after they are shot. They are used to penetrate tough materials, before setting the inside of them on fire.
Meat Grinders:

Meat grinder-like weapons installed on the underside of Halion One's forearms. They are useful when a foe is grappling with the mecha. They are usually retracted and protected by armor plates, and the plates will slide sideways to reveal the blades, which will then stick out. Alternatively, HO can retrieve the blades themselves and throw them.

Laser Katana: Kept sheathed on the side of the mech's left shin. It is, at its name suggests, a katana sword that has a red laser blade, which extinguish when sheathed.
Electrokinesis: Halion One possesses electrokinesis, the ability to control electricity, which gives him a wide array of possible attacks and moves. Notably, the machine will use it to travel faster in the air, fire electric blasts, drain objects that contain electricity to recharge his power supply, etc. He uses it strategically by reaching opponents with the help of conductible surfaces.
Ion Beam:

This is a simple green beam used mainly to knock foes back.

Physical Weaponry:

Halion's armor features sharp edges, spikes and large claws that are excellent at cutting and giving him an edge in melee combat. Most notable are the large ones on his head, the elbow and knee spikes and the clubbed tail tip. The machine is a skilled melee fighter, as he is also programmed to train without any weapons in case he might need to. His mechanical muscles allow him to lift up foes twice his size above his head.

Piston Punch:

The mechanical warrior can throw his forearms at a distance of 500 meters. They are attached to an electric chain which reels them back on.

Gravity Guns: Installed in his elbow spikes, the shotgun-like weapon alters gravity to throw foes off their feet and rip out chunks off their bodies.
Plasma Grenades: Green landmines that glue themselves to nearby enemies if they get too close - in a radius of 100 meters - before bursting. The special acid they contain allows them to melt metal.
Flight: With the help of six ion jets scattered across his body - two on his back, two below his shoulders and two behind the thighs - Halion can fly at speeds up to Mach 3. He can go even faster with his electrokinesis.
Grappling Hooks: Installed right besides the Meat Grinder, these are sharp grappling hooks used to immobilize enemies. They will drain a portion of the electric activity of the brain, effectively slowing the opponents down considerably.
Freezer Missiles:

Shot from the shoulder pods, these are auto-guided freezing burst missiles. Halion One will commonly fire them into an enemy's open mouth or gaping wounds.

Shielded Circuitry: The gladiator has not much to fear about his circuitry, minus enemy attacks. He is immune to thermal stress and high magnetism.
Armor Plating: Since HO is built mainly to fend off kaiju, it ia only natural for him to have many tricks down the sleeve to fight them. The blue mech's armor can shrug off thermal stress, because of his electrokinesis and fiery core; he instead absorbs both thermal energy and electricity to power himself. The plating is resistant to bullets and piercing attacks to an extent, but had more trouble with blunt moves. However, to make up for it, Halion's armor has spiny edges to protect him from blunt moves to an extent.
Zhu-Rong Flare: Halion One can release a huge, powerful shockwave, named after the ancient Chinese god of fire. Its force creates a crater where the mech is standing. The blast has a radius of 1000 meters, with the explosion itself having a radius of 500 meters - the rest is the air heating, causing enemies to suffocate and blisters and burns will then affect them. The shockwave will send enemies flying with their body ablaze and tear up the ground like a carpet.