Gaiyan is a member of the Order of the Beast Blood. She worships the Walking Wasteland, Gadon.


Like all members of the OBB, Gaiyan wears a cloak. It is predominantly a deep green in color, like a coniferous forest, and has a very ornate look. Streaks of gold are found in patterns, along with lighter green highlights and dark grey. Gaiyan is herself is dark green, but it is paler than her coat's. She wears a golden mask that appears to be fused with her face - however, she can freely unhinge and replace parts of it. It naturally repels other creatures from removing pieces of it; only the wearer can. The Poisonous also wears golden, metallic gauntlets. Gaiyan's mask is decorated with curved tusks, reminiscent of a mammoth's (and the Beast she worships). The tusks are built over the two pieces of her jaw, which has been split in half in a horrific incident. Gaiyan's eyes are golden, and appear to glow slightly.

Gaiyan breathes painkillers through her mask and has a very wheezy breathing. Her sentences are punctuated with wheezes and, sometimes, even coughing or choking.


If one is immune to the Gaar, then it is completely harmless to hang with Gaiyan. She is a pleasant being, polite and friendly, but is often mistrusted and feared due to her poisonous aura - the very same that afflicts Gadon himself. While its presence can simply knock Gaar Negatives unconscious, its effects will become deadlier when Gaiyan is upset, and it will then deliver permanent damage to their bodies - especially the lungs - and even kill them. Because she often gets lonely, Gaiyan pays importance to her friends. She likes to help others whenever she can, and is a lover of nature - she keeps a beautiful garden composed of flowers that filter out toxins, keeping the air very pure. When enemies enter her precious garden, the carnivorous plants will fight back, and the OBB member herself can pluck out a flower and use it as a flail to attack, after which she will replant the flower. Above all, Gaiyan admires Gadon, and as both his protector and friend, will defend him at all costs.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Gaiyan possesses the same toxic powers as Gadon, along with the same poisonous aura. Because of the painkillers she absorbs, she feels no pain, and although this has its advantages (mainly in battles), it has one drawback - she might not notice wounds on herself and might harm herself without realizing it. Gaiyan also has healing powers, ironically, which she can use to heal her plants along with wounded - including those she harms without wanting to because of her toxins.