Dusmus the enforcer by omegabearbeast-d6pkm7y
Beast Stats


Dusmus ("daws-muss")


The Enforcer, The Juggernaut, First Guardian of the Pact




100 meters at the back of the neck


100, 000 tons



Beast Rank


Dusmus is a member of The Pact. He is their most powerful Guardian, along with being known for his incredible toughness.


Despite being a mostly quadruped monster, Dusmus is quite tall - able to look at most monsters directly in the eyes. He is a mountain of hard, dense muscle. He appears to have an intriguing body structure, as he is shown to possess numerous pods along the top of his limbs and his entire back, from which he can project small blue, bubble-like bombs. The most prominent feature on Dusmus is the knife-like protrusion that tops his skull. His tail is tipped with a large, club-like weapon, and organic cannons sit on his shoulders. He has huge tusks and "gun fingers", along with massive claws and glowing light blue veins running across his body.

Dusmus' body is a very dark blue and his tusks, claws and weaponized fingers are colored bronze.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Resilience: Dusmus is known, first and foremost, to be an extremely tough monster. He can keep strolling through barrages of weapons and injuries, provided the injuries are not severe enough to prevent him from moving. His body naturally dulls pain greatly, and only the most debilitating wounds can really affect him, such as losing limbs. He can survive attacks that would normally tear less resilient monsters apart, and might even still be advancing during the attack. The "outer" layer, consisting of his scales and flesh, takes decent effort to penetrate, but the "inner" layer, consisting of his muscles themselves, is the hardest, as it takes a great deal of punishment to damage it.
Blue Power: The strange, glowing veins adorning Dusmus' body contain blue power. It can be released under the shape of blue flames, and manipulated by Dusmus. The blue power melts materials upon touch.
Bubble Bombs: Coating the surface of his limbs and his back, Dusmus is dotted with pods from which small, bubble-like bombs can be launched. A single of these bombs is enough to split flesh open, but their number truly is what makes them deadly, as they are commonly launched by the dozens.
Knife: The large, knife-like protrusion adorning Dusmus' head is a powerful cutting tool, and its spikes can be raised to slice with more ease.
Mace: The metallic mace tipping Dusmus' tail is a deadly weapon, able to leave craters and deep indents in most surfaces, and the spikes only add to the danger.
Tooth and Claw: Dusmus has very big claws and large tusks, all of which can carve through metal with a degree of effort.
Natural Guns: Dusmus' weaponized fingers can project rock-like bullets, which stick to enemies before detonating. His shoulder cannons can shoot guided, blue projectiles.


Dusmus is incredibly stoic, almost to a point of mindlessness. However, what he is ordered to do for his masters, he does not do it out of mindlessness; he does it out of sheer loyalty - his will is their will. He loves his creators, and will crush under his paws anything that threatens them. Dusmus' stoic attitude and alien appearance give off a certain mysterious vibe to him. Dusmus will keep advancing through barrages of attacks, and only really debilitating attacks will affect him. Outside of combat, he is often seen relaxing; rolling on his back and drift off to rest between orders.