Colossus was the homeplanet of the Rahneeks and Mehrksis. It was similar to Earth, with the exception that it was slightly bigger and had a different geography.


Colossus' land consisted of immense forests and even larger mountains that often peaked above the clouds. It was home of large tundras and rocky cliffs, but was also subject of desertic, rocky landscapes around the equator. The northern areas were snowy and often assaulted with harsh blizzards.

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Colossus was mainly home of the Rahneeks and Mehrksis, but also home of the famous Beasts.

Ysmag, Maarnak and ThundarusEdit

Colossus had three moons: Ysmag, Maarnak and Thundarus. Maarnak, the red moon, was the biggest. Its name meant "Devouring Terror"; "Devouring" due to it sometimes looking as though it was "devouring" the planet when it showed directly at the horizon, and "Terror" because of its red coloration. Ysmag, with a name meaning "Green Moon", was the smallest, and always remained close to Maarnak. Finally, Thundarus, meaning "Blue Power", was slightly bigger than Ysmag, but still much smaller than Maarnak.

There were various myths and legends running about the moons, such as them being actually spherical masses of Beast Blood that floated around Colossus, where it originated from.

For the Rahneeks, seeing the three moons on a night sky was among the most breathtaking views on Colossus, along with Maarnak "devouring" the horizon.