36 C'Krusis Trading Card
Beast Stats


C'Krusis ("see-kroo-ziss")


The Beast of Storms, The Thunder King




120 meters


85, 000 tons



Beast Rank


C'Krusis, Colossus' Beast of Storms, is an alien creature adopted by the planet to defend it after his masters abandoned him.


An alien creature in all senses of the term, C'Krusis is a tall, furred Beast, armed with long, iconic whips. The bluish Beast possesses three pairs of eyes, all of which are theorized to have different functions. Sprouting from the back of his shoulders are arm-like appendages, which can be used to grapple. His long tail ends in a spiked club, and he possesses several spikes to serve as offensive defense. 


C'Krusis notably has a soft heart. He will not fight unless provoked and can even shrug off attacks directed at him, if he deems that the attacker is not worth his energy. Though laidback, he will become combative if his fellow Colossus Beasts are harmed, as he considers them his only family. He is a powerhouse of a monster, and puts it at work in combat, especially towards those who anger him. C'Krusis, though capable of telepathy, has trouble expressing himself and will choose to speak with his actions rather than with words.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


C'Krusis is, first and foremost, an electrokinetic.This offers him a wide variety of possible attack options, as well as passive moves. He is practically a living battery, as he can absorb electricity and conduct it on a whim. He recharges naturally for the most part by absorbing electric particles in the air. His spikes store the power - getting rid of some of it if needed to avoid "overcharging". As such, recharging for him is particularly easy during thunderstorms (where he is also at his strongest, and most dangerous) or when battling electricity-based opponents. His body naturally attracts lightning as though he was a magnetic pole. As such, it is extremely dangerous to meet him in combat during storms, and electricity-based attacks simply recharge him. He suffers absolutely no effect from electricity-based attacks beyond absorbing them. His lightning surges have an alternative; he can choose to prick his fur up with static, allowing them to act like unbreakable needles and leave nasty punctures to foes. He can reach enemies far from him with conductive surfaces, or project lightning spheres. One of his favoured tactics is charging his whips and striking, lightning bolts being sent arcing like an extension of the whips themselves. With magnetism, he can pick up and throw objects. By tempering which magnetism, he can even deflect or attach objects to himself - a common tactic of him is to attach several objects on him, then project them in all directions.

Much like thunder itself, C'Krusis is horrifyingly precise and deadly. Watching him using his element is an awe-inspiring sight, just like watching lightning strikes in stormy skies.


C'Krusis is incredibly strong. Capable of lifting up to four times his own weight - thus 340, 000 tons - he is perfectly capable of flooring most monsters easily. He can inflict terrible kicks and punches (after putting his whips out of the way, such as coiling them around his arms or simply lowering them). Fighting C'Krusis in melee combat is generally not a good idea unless one has strength of their own, and attacking him with ranged is the best way to go. Though he has no particular resistance to elemental damage, such as cold and flame, he is physically tough and can withstand a lot of punishment.

Whips: The main physical weapon C'Krusis uses is his whips. Spiked and capable of extending to twice their length - they are 120 meters long, thus capable to extend to 240 meters long - they are able to apply incredible constricting force. Coupled with his monstrous strength, he can potentially snap other monsters in two. Attempting to rip off the whips is not recommended, as he will simpy tug them back suddenly, bringing the offender forward. He will then top this with a brutal headbutt as the offender is pulled towards him. Even then, he will choose to surge lightning through them when they are grabbed and if the opponent is not immune to electricity. The Beast of Storms can toy around with the hardness of his whips. They can harden their special musculature, allowing C'Krusis to use them like baseball bats.
Physical Weaponry: Next to his whips, the Stormcaller can utilize his shoulder appendages and tail spikes to deliver damage to his foes.


C'Krusis was created by a distant race of aliens as their guardian when they looked for a new planet to call home - the planet they first reached was known as Colossus. However, because he was not needed to fight threats, he was placed in dormance. Unfortunately, years passed and the Beast was all but forgotten. When his masters left for a planet more suitable for them, C'Krusis was awakened by Beasts native of Colossus. With his masters gone, he instead became a guardian of Colossus, not as a Beast native to it, but as an adopted one. He was gifted with electrokinetic powers and traveled to the village of Onada, where the current Beasts mainly resided. There, the Beasts helped him discover and control his new powers as well as train his battle skills, and they became his new family. C'Krusis became the Beast of Storms, the guardian monster that used mighty electrokinesis mixed with physical weaponry to crush those who threatened his new home and family.



- C'Krusis was submitted as an entry for the game Colossal Kaiju Combat during sponsorships and has won a card.

- Outside of battle, C'Krusis is sometimes seen doodling on the ground with his whips.