Beast Stats


Bergunth ("bear-gunff")


Berg, The Master, The Brutal Strategist, Master Bergunth




130 meters


120, 000 tons



Beast Rank


Bergunth is Kitamura's son and brother of Masser.


Bergunth is very similar to his mother; a large, bear-like colossus covered in armor plates and spikes. Bergunth's horns have a more prominent upwards curve. His armor and spikes appear to be fused together; the spikes run across the armor plates and curve up at the end, giving the armor a samurai-like vibe. Bergunth is asymmetrical; his left shoulder, unlike his right one, displays larger spikes and different armor plate designs.

Personality Edit

While Masser appears to reflect the “brutish” side of Kitamura’s personality; a lumbering, powerful giant, Bergunth, instead, seems to reflect her other traits – a wise, protective master of martial arts. Calm and collected, Bergunth can keep his head straight throughout the most stressful situations. He is an honorable creature, and prefers not to care about significantly weaker monsters unless they provoke him. He is affectionate and protective towards friends and loved ones. While laidback, he will crush any who manage to anger him. He is an extremely intelligent bruiser, aiming for more strategic and precise attacks rather than the more ravaging ones his sister commonly uses. The Master is open-minded and meditative – outside of combat, he is either training or meditating. He is a master of martial arts just like his mamma Kit. He is more than excellent in melee combat because of this, and his overwhelming natural strength and toughness only serve to make him deadlier.



While not leaning much towards ranged or energy-based combat, Bergunth does have a few special powers of his own. While Massers controls a red, almost laser-like energy, Berg instead harnesses what is known as "frostfire." This "frostfire" actually consists of a mist visually resembling blue fire, which absorbs heat to effectively freeze objects. When absorbing heat, the attacks will become increasingly stronger by powering themselves with the energy gathered. 

Bergunth is not actually immune to either cold or heat. He can fend off heats of 3000°C, enough to fend off fire, but not able to fare well against lava or plasma, and capable of surviving temperatures of -100°C, yet vulnerable to lower temperatures. His fur insulates heat in a way that it keeps it inside, keeping his temperature warm and slightly higher than most other Beasts - heat is prevented from getting in and out. If his temperature becomes too high, most often when absorbing heat with his frostfire, he will expel it from between his armor plates.


Just like his mother and sister, as well as most Beasts, Bergunth is protected by series of spikes. They dot his body, both protecting and delivering pain. Berg's head spikes can be used to deliver skull-crushing headbutts, the knuckle spikes on his fists enhance his punching, his shoulder spikes make him able to impale foes against them, his tail tip's spikes can be used to club and slash, and the spikes jutting from his back prevent monsters from attacking him physically there.

Martial Artist:

The wise bruiser has picked up in his mother's footsteps as a martial artist - like her, he has become a master of them. His skills rival her own; there are very few who can give him a challenge in the ways of hand-to-hand combat. He is often described as a "brutal strategist" due to his habit of using brute force strategically, such as attacking weak points or pressure points with his monstrous strength - perhaps repeatedly. Added to his natural, overwhelming strength and impressive toughness, this makes fighting him from up-close a bad idea unless one has immense skills of their own. He is often described as being "an army all by himself."


Berg is covered in rough fur, which can actually be used offensively. He can, for one, raise his fur to use like an organic cheese grater. His hands and feet are padded and covered in dermal bumps, which he can use as hooks to prevent himself from sliding on slippery surfaces or make his paw swipes more damaging.


The Brutal Strategist's physical strength is no different from his mother or sister's, as he can lift creatures that weight three times his own weight. This impressive strength allows him to floor enemies with a single swipe.

Toughness: Bergunth is covered in sharp armor plating that can take a reasonable amount of punishment before crumbling, and he is muscular enough for his very muscles to serve as a form of armor, as they are harder than metal.
Agility: Though he typically prefers to lumber his weight slowly when moving, Bergunth is in truth very quick and swift, his strength allowing him to move his bulk easily. He may remain stationary and nearly unmovable for the most part, but when he is overwhelmed or surrounded by foes, he is perfectly capable of leaping over them. His attacks are sometimes so quick that his enemies barely have time to react.