Beast Stats




The One That Came Before All, The Himmelen King, The Big Bison, The Great One




115 meters


85, 000 tons



Beast Rank


Arctus is the first Beast ever created by Colossus. Also known as "The One That Came Before All", Arctus is looked up to by all Beasts, and he is capable of harnessing all fire, water, earth and air elements. 

Arctus is the ruler of Himmelen, and spends his time in a tranquil vigil. When Beasts die, he is the one who escorts their spirit to Himmelen so that they may transcend and rest in peace as they earned. However, in dire needs, he commands the other Beasts and himself to return to the normal world to help.


Arctus is a tall, white Beast. He is vaguely bison-like, with two large horns sweeping from his skull. He wears a golden helmet that also covers his horns, and wields a club-like weapon. Arctus has hooved feet and a short tail, which is tipped with a club resembling his own - it is there to back up if he was disarmed from his trusty, handheld club. Arctus' face is narrower than most Beasts', and his eyes, lacking pupils, are a bright cyan blue. They glow golden when he uses his mana powers.


A mysterious being, Arctus is a skilled and trained fighter, and is talented in the usage of weapons - but mostly his club. It is often difficult to engage in melee combat with him, as he instantly clubs his opponents when they get too close - if his club has not been thrown to the ground by said opponents. Arctus is quiet and keeps his calm at all times, and is a very meditative Beast.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Elemental Mastery: Arctus is not only capable of harnessing all fire, water, earth and air element, but he has also mastered them, knowing all he can perform with them, just like how an elemental Beast specializing in the control of one element would know. Hard training is required to keep his skills with all four elements sharp, and this is helped by his excellent memory.